About Us

Our Apiary, Buzy Bee Honey Corp, is owned and operated by the Silveira Family. The Silveira family is composed of Andres & Angela Silveira and their three children Yesi, Jose and David. Buzy Bee Honey started as a simple dream for the Silveira family, but little did they know that it was soon to become a big reality. After a family friend came and offered them to become beekeepers, this was the offer that they could not refuse. This offer started with 50 active hives in the fall of 2009, and by the spring of 2012 we at Buzy Bee Honey are running around 230 active hives. Our goal is to have 300 active hives by the end of the fall of 2012.

It has not been easy getting to where we are now, since we had no clue of how hard beekeeping was and could be. But with the help of local beekeepers and lots of reading and studying we have made it through this rough patch.

We at Buzy Bee Honey, specialize in Tropical South Florida honey. We do our own processing and packaging to insure our customers get the real “unadulterated Tropical South Florida honey”. We do not blend our honey with other honeys, or process it in a way that would change the flavor, color or deplete its nutritional value. It is raw, unfiltered, unheated Tropical South Florida Honey as pure and natural as extracted honey can be.

We at Buzy Bee Honey are members of the following Associations:

  • Florida State Beekeepers Association
  • Florida State Department of Agriculture
  • Fresh From Florida

Our Address.

4445 SW 75th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33155

United States


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